Work Safe Policy Statement

Dart & Co Foundations is a specialist piling contractor operating a Work Safe Policy (or Refusal to Work Policy) for all staff and contractors across all sites/projects.

Every member of our team, including subcontractors working on any project managed by Dart & Co Foundations, has the right to refuse to carry out work if they feel it is not safe to do so. A refusal to work will not lead to any penalisation or affect in any way the future prospects of an employee within the company, no matter how big or small the issue.

Any situation which leads to an individual refusing to work for Health and Safety reasons must be reported to the management team as soon as possible, and no work should be recommenced until the issue(s) causing concern have been addressed and correctly dealt with.

Contact numbers for confidential reporting are provided on site and are issued as part of the site briefing & induction process.

All managers and staff working in piling construction are also encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions they have witnessed, and yearly guidance and training will be given on reporting procedures.