Environmental Statement

It is the policy of Dart & Co Foundations to encourage sustainable development by doing the following:

    • Seek to eliminate/minimise the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment and communities.
    • Employ systems and procedures that ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.
    • Seek sustainable development solutions in partnership with our clients to conserve energy, materials and resources by minimising consumption, maximising efficiency and reducing waste.
    • Provide environmental training for our employees to maintain a high degree of environmental awareness.
    • Use supply-chain management to encourage sub-contractors and suppliers to minimise the use of materials, energy or processes which may harm the environment.
    • Implement this policy through an integrated health, safety and environmental management system.
    • Maintain the international standard for environmental management system ISO 14001.
    • Strive to continually improve our environmental performance.

The co-operation of all Dart & Co Foundations’ employees, sub-contractors, clients and supply chain is vital to the success of this policy.