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Why Groundworks are Critical to Construction

30/06/2017     Construction Foundations

At the very first stage of construction, groundworks are critical to the success of any project. This includes ground investigation, site clearance, substructure, landscaping, foundations, terrain, underpinning and much more. At Dart & Co Foundations, we work across the UK and specialise in a range of groundwork projects. Here, we explain why groundworks and foundations […]

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Piling Contractors – Serving the UK

30/05/2017     Piling

Founded in 2013 by Ashley Dart, Dart & Co Foundations works across the UK, offering professional services in piling, underpinning and foundation groundworks for large and small structures. Here, we provide you with a snapshot of who we are, what we do and how you can work with us. We believe in high-quality workmanship, so […]

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8 Reasons to Consider Construction Equipment Rental

09/05/2017     Construction

Construction equipment rental worldwide is expanding rapidly and the rental movement is likely here to stay. But why is this becoming such a common working method for construction companies? Being able to use the correct piece of gear for a building project without the burden of lengthy financial commitments is very appealing to the construction […]

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UK Construction Industry to Embrace Driven Piling

11/04/2017     Piling

Driven piling may finally be getting the status it deserves! Business Reporter and The Telegraph recently communicated the advantages of the driven piling construction technique. As UK based piling contractors, Dart & Co Foundations is equipped to provide insight on the matter and reveal our expertise on the subject. Here, we explain exactly how a […]

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Underpinning: What You Need To Know

15/03/2017     Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is a reparation method that strengthens the existing foundations of a building below ground level. The process is often used for structures in which the foundations have moved and require specialist work to avoid further breakdown. If property damage is left unresolved and requires underpinning, the cost of fixing the problem will increase […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Piling Foundations

17/02/2017     Piling

Since the middle ages, deep foundations have been driven into the earth using a technique known as piling. Piling is crucial to the stability and success of many building structures – including has homes, bridges, viaducts and roads. Piles are required where soil and earth is performing poorly and are used to spread the load […]

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How To Treat Subsidence Damage

27/01/2017     Foundations

Subsidence is the downward movement of a property as a result of damage to the subsoil. The word often instills fear into a homeowners mind as it is one of the most serious problems that a home can endure. Tree root damage is estimated to be the cause of 70% of all subsidence cases… Affecting […]

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How To Prepare For Your Building Foundations

21/12/2016     Foundations

Building the foundations of a property is a mammoth task – yet one that is completely necessary for creating a solid, sturdy structure. While the foundations should look simple, straightforward and effortless, their instalment is of course far from this. Such projects take time, labour and the knowledge and experience of experts in the construction […]

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