Why Groundworks are Critical to Construction

At the very first stage of construction, groundworks are critical to the success of any project. This includes ground investigation, site clearance, substructure, landscaping, foundations, terrain, underpinning and much more. At Dart & Co Foundations, we work across the UK and specialise in a range of groundwork projects. Here, we explain why groundworks and foundations are critical.

The stages of construction

As a matter of good practice, an initial ground investigation of any site is carried out to identify past land uses, potential problems and the overall ground stability. By gathering accurate information on these issues, the appropriate treatments can be carried out before any structural work begins.

How much do you know about foundations?

Unless you work in the construction industry, foundations may not be a top priority. However, as a homeowner, it is wise to understand the importance of groundworks to ensure that your building has enough support.

The foundation interfaces the building and provides strength and support to keep the structure from settling, unbalancing or splitting. Foundations are designed with soil conditions in mind, and as structural engineers, we take the time to assess each commercial and domestic site to evaluate whether the ground requires piles, underpinning, foundations or engineering designs.

What is the purpose of a foundation?

A foundation plays three key roles in construction. It supports the load of an entire building, it keeps the structure secure during floods, winds and other natural disasters, and it prevents moisture from seeping into the structure and weakening it.

When are groundworks required?

Regardless of the size of a project, the building foundation contractor will assess and plan the precise depth required for a sturdy construction. It may be that the ground requires foundation repair or a new foundation entirely. Foundation structures also work to improve the overall aesthetic and look of the building. The following list describes the primary groundwork solutions.

    • Driveways
    • Footings
    • Excavations
    • Flagging
    • Block flooring
    • Beam flooring
    • Piling
    • Underpinning

Dart & Co Foundations

As a professional piling company, we are fully certified to deal with a range of groundwork services. We work with multiple construction companies and clients to understand the infrastructure required to ensure a high-quality finish. If you would like to speak with a member of our team please fill out our enquiry form.

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