8 Reasons to Consider Construction Equipment Rental

Construction equipment rental worldwide is expanding rapidly and the rental movement is likely here to stay. But why is this becoming such a common working method for construction companies?

Being able to use the correct piece of gear for a building project without the burden of lengthy financial commitments is very appealing to the construction industry. Whether you’re hiring or providing the equipment, it makes a profitable business and is only likely to grow further.

It all comes down to how long you require a piece of machinery and whether you need it for future projects. As specialist foundation and piling contractors, we’ve compiled a list to highlight some of the fantastic benefits of renting rather than purchasing construction equipment.

1. Equipment Storage Solution

One downside to owning your own construction equipment is having to find suitable storage facilities when not in use. Hiring additional storage space can be costly; however, if you rent the equipment you require, you may not need to consider long-term storage.

Leasing construction equipment enables you to act more conveniently and plan out the logistics, saving costs and bother. Once you are finished with the machinery, it is returned to the hiring company, meaning that there are no concerns for storage.

2. Cost savings

Construction equipment rental provides you with access to quality apparatus and tools that you may not be able to afford to purchase outright. Because you only pay for what you use, hiring makes a cost-effective solution for short-term equipment use. In addition to this, you will save money on maintenance costs including repairs and spare parts.

3. Maximised productivity

With the introduction of rented construction equipment, companies can complete jobs within budget and reduce overall costs. Productivity on-site can, therefore, be increased, with access to the best equipment, professional guidance and efficient working.

4. Professional support

Having an experienced team of construction specialists leasing equipment to you means that you will receive advice, guidance and support on the best equipment for your particular project.

5. Eliminate transport costs

Transporting machinery to project sites is costly and can be time-consuming. To ensure optimum efficiency in a construction project, it’s wise to locally hire equipment to avoid delays that hinder any progress on the job site.

6. No up-front investment

The majority of industrial equipment does not come cheap. Purchasing a digger or a paver can be a large investment. Therefore, one of the main advantages of hiring the equipment is that you do not need to pay money upfront to use the machinery.

7. The best equipment for individual projects

Construction is a vast industry, and you can never be sure what your next project will be. Sometimes you will require specialist machinery that you may not own. You can reduce the risk of owning a piece of equipment that ends up being unused.

8. Confidence in the equipment

Construction project managers need to meet safety regulations to ensure optimal productivity and minimal accident risk on-site. When working with a construction equipment rental company, you can rest assured that all equipment has been serviced and is in full working order before starting a project.

Additionally, there are options to test the machinery before use, enabling you to confirm that the equipment is to your specific requirements.

Dart & Co Foundations

As piling contractors, we work with construction equipment every day and are confident in our knowledge of the machinery required for specific projects.

We have access to some of the most high-quality construction equipment available. Working with a range of companies and contractors across the UK, we offer machinery and tools for a wide range of applications.

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